Oct 03

Our Village

Happy Thursday, Bemidji.

It’s been a busy week. As the temperatures steadily drop, it seems the pace of these autumn days have quickened. In the whirlwind of our weeks, somewhere in-between work, and life, and play, it is useful for us to take a moment to sit with our thoughts before we dive unblinkingly into the next. The cacophony of the lives we tend to lead leaves us with little time to celebrate the simple joys of good ideas, the laughter of strangers, or even the silence of close friends.

This week, it is my very good pleasure to reflect on another successful Sustainable Tuesday at the Rail River Folk School. This past Tuesday, was one of those rare-seeming opportunities to sit down with our thoughts and delve, for a moment, into the philosophies of social permaculture in the second session of our Permaculture Series.

On Tuesday, participants were welcomed to become part of the growth and future of the Rail River Folk School as the hub of our community village. Our conversation began with defining permaculture. Patrick Whitefield was cited as defining it as “the art of designing beneficial relationships.” Beneficial relationships come into play not only through the careful consideration of garden and green space arrangement or through the particular architectures of facilities, but also in the interactions and relationships of individuals within our community.

Our conversation continued with a discussion about Kelda Miller’s article “Being the Change in Your Village” available in its entirety by clicking on the article’s title.

We continued with a walkabout through the RRFS and considered the importance of individuals being empowered to share their passions, ideas, and wisdom in a place that is eager to house such things. As our evening came to a close we ended with a productive and passionate brainstorming session regarding the future of RRFS.

Here is an image of what we came up with:

In an effort to continue these discussions, you will find a new tab at the top of this page entitled: Village Forum. Please use this space to share your thoughts, pose questions, or comment about the state of Sustainability in our community.

Be sure to join us next week on:

Tuesday, October 8th for a Seed Saving Workshop. Bring your own produce and we will teach you how to harvest and preserve seeds to grow wholesome and healthy food at your own home.

Thank you for tuning in. We’ll catch you soon.