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August 2014 Sustainable Tuesday Poster

July 2014 Sustainable Places Tour Maps

July 2014 Sustainable Tuesday Poster

June 2014 Sustainable Tuesday Poster

June 2014 Bike Bemidji Loop the Lake Festival

May 2014 Sustainable Landscaping Workshop Poster

May 2014 Sustainable Tuesday Poster

April 2014: Grease Waste in Bemidji: Cleaning Up the Headwaters Presentation Poster

April 2014: E-Waste Collection Event Flyer

April 2014: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

April 2014: Earth Month Calendar

April 2014: Earth Month Thursday  Documentaries

March 2014: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

February 2014: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

January 2014: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

January 2014 MN GreenStep Cities Info Poster


December 2013: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

November 2013: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

October 2013: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

July 2013: Building Green Communities

June 2013: Local and Wild Food

May 2013: Community Health

April 2013: Gardening Power 

March 2013:  All About Water

February 2013:  A Wintry Mix of Events

January 2013: Celebrating Indigenous Knowledge


December 2012: Environmental Justice and Climate Change

November 2012: Warming Up for Winter

October 2012: A Grab Bag of Topics

September 2012: Celebrates Bounty

August 2012: Harvesting Summer

July 2012: Celebrate Summer!

June 2012: Bee Outdoors in June 

May 2012: Spring into May 

April 2012: Local Foods and Water 

March 2012: Hands-On March 

February 2012: Energy

January 2012: Waste 


Sustainable Tuesdays feature a variety of learning opportunities focused on sustainability that connect our beautiful, vibrant community and is a partnership program with the Indigenous Environmental Network, MN GreenCorps, Rail River Folk School and BSU’s Sustainability Office.

For more information, contact Caitlyn Schuchhardt at 755-3765 or Simone Senogles at 751-4967.

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