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April 2014: Grease Waste in Bemidji: Cleaning Up the Headwaters Presentation Poster

April 2014: E-Waste Collection Event Flyer

April 2014: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

April 2014: Earth Month Calendar

April 2014: Earth Month Thursday  Documentaries

March 2014: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

February 2014: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

January 2014: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

January 2014 MN GreenStep Cities Info Poster


December 2013: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

November 2013: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

October 2013: Sustainable Tuesday Calendar

July 2013: Building Green Communities

June 2013: Local and Wild Food

May 2013: Community Health

April 2013: Gardening Power 

March 2013:  All About Water

February 2013:  A Wintry Mix of Events

January 2013: Celebrating Indigenous Knowledge


December 2012: Environmental Justice and Climate Change

November 2012: Warming Up for Winter

October 2012: A Grab Bag of Topics

September 2012: Celebrates Bounty

August 2012: Harvesting Summer

July 2012: Celebrate Summer!

June 2012: Bee Outdoors in June 

May 2012: Spring into May 

April 2012: Local Foods and Water 

March 2012: Hands-On March 

February 2012: Energy

January 2012: Waste 


Sustainable Tuesdays feature a variety of learning opportunities focused on sustainability that connect our beautiful, vibrant community and is a partnership program with the Indigenous Environmental Network, MN GreenCorps, Rail River Folk School and BSU’s Sustainability Office.

For more information, contact Caitlyn Schuchhardt at 755-3765 or Simone Senogles at 751-4967.

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